Experiments in 2013

Space to Play, 2014, spray paint, acrylic and gouache on wood, 7'x4'

Penetration Illumination, 2014, spray paint and acrylic on wood, 5'x6'

Me with my work, so you can see the size.

A Liminal Swim, video, 2014, 5:14.

to watch this video, go
here !

Landscape (Core, Surface, Atmosphere), 2013, Mixed media on paper, 6' x 4.5'

Landscape (Core, Surface, Atmosphere) - detail

Landscape (Core, Surface, Atmosphere) - detail

Hand Dominance, 2013, wire, muslin, spray paint, string, glue, tulle, 5' x 4'

Hand Dominance - detail

Landscape (Atmosphere, Universe), 2013, Mixed media on paper, 6' x 4.5'

Landscape (Surface, Atmosphere) - detail

Mermaid, 2013, Paper, string, watercolor, ink, 12" x 6"

Mermaid 2, 2013, Paper, watercolor, ink, 10" x 6"

Together :)

Mermaid Cloud, 2013, watercolor, ink, spray paint, tracing paper, 8"x10"


While studying for my MFA at New Mexico State University, I experimented with my art for the first time, really breaking away from my traditional training in Illustration. I painted on wood, cut it out, made giant paper collages on watercolor paper with moving, translucent layers, and made my first big sculpture with chicken wire. I also made my first video. The ability to move between mediums expanded my world. I’ll never be able to go back now…


1st Semester Grad School at NMSU


painting, sculpture, mixed media, wire, installation